Our Team (from left to right or from top to bottom on mobile version).

Alexander Zundel – Director of this Centre. Dr. Tiber Peter – Director of mediation. Klara Köles – Workshop leader. Gábor Veres – our translator and interpreter.

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-Alexander Zundel

is the director of this Centre and also the director of mentoring services.

Alexander has many years of experience in emotional-learning (for changing habits) and ‘body-learning’ (mind-body connection and Alexander Technique). His field of experience includes voice coaching, ‘EQ coaching’ and mentoring of various kinds.

He has more than 15 years of experience in working with children and adults with special needs and their families, particularly those with asperger’s syndrome, mild obsessive compulsive disorder, nervousness/stress reactions, hyperactivity and ADHD.

He has also coached and trained business leaders for many years.

In recent years his special interest has become families – particularly patchwork families. Other particular areas of interest are: marital/partnership difficulties – including divorce, and  families that have children with special needs. He works with individuals and couples.

Alexander also specialises in the use of systemic constellation work for the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) in family or work contexts.

Originally he trained in osteopathy, Alexander Technique and pedagogy – whilst living in London. He is a native speaker of both English and German and speaks fluent Hungarian, giving sessions and trainings in all three languages. He has lived and worked as a coach and mentor in England (London), Germany and Hungary. His mother and grandfather were born in Hungary.

Alexander does not offer any therapy or any cure, but is interested in giving clients tools for becoming more emotionally and mentally agile and for developing social skills, and practical spirituality. He is the creator of mentoring methods: Re-Orientation Technique and Practical Wisdom Techniques (PWT). See other sections.

-Dr.Peter Tiber 

Lawyer, mediator, master trainer in mediation.

Peter has many years of experience in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, both in organisations and with family issues. He works in large groups aswell as with couples  or in one-to-one sessions. His field of experience includes marital crisis, divorce, and patchwork families.

He has run a successful mediation training in Budapest for many years.

-Klara Köles

Klara is a workshop leader. She gives group sessions in family constellations and workshops about relationships and partnership.

-Gábor Veres


Contributing Writers (Did not wish to show photos of themselves).

-Sophie Blume.

-Klara Kowalsky.

-Richard Windsor.

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