Alexander Zundel’s book about the path of Dr. Karl König describes how a young man full of curiosity and persistence learnt and grew through great adversity and was then able to help many others. König had a vision, which to a large extent, he managed to realise.

The book will also be available in Hungarian in several months and in German after that.

König’s story is still not well known, and yet it is enlightening in manifold ways.  He was a Jew from Vienna who fled from the Nazis; he was  a medical doctor blessed with scientific and intuitive ability, both of which he used effectively to become a pioneer in a field which many years after his death is attracting more and more attention.

From the back cover of the book:

In the last decades and especially in the last ten years an increasing number of books have been published about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Asperger’s syndrome, autism in general (the autistic spectrum) and neurodiversity. Many of these books are both revelatory and deeply moving and yet with a few exceptions they steer clear of Christian spirituality. Karl König had a different approach. He believed not only that the humanistic spirit and the Christian one were inseparable, but that at the heart of the work with children with special needs – particularly those who fitted what is now often termed ‘Asperger’s syndrome’ or ‘high-functioning autism’, the integration of gentle spirituality and scientific modes of thinking was key. König was immensely successful with his approach, as the many Camphill Centres around the world bear out.

Why then is König so little understood? Does his thinking and example have a value that should be refreshed and applied anew? What was it that truly motivated this little known Jewish émigré through a profoundly distressing period of European history?

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