Our Team (from left to right or from top to bottom on mobile version).

Alexander Zundel – Director of this Centre. Dr. Tiber Peter – Director of mediation. Klara Köles – Workshop leader. Gábor Veres – our translator and interpreter.

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-Alexander Zundel

is the director of this Centre.

Alexander is a writer and teaches English and biographical writing in the English and Hungarian language. He encourages people to write about their unique story with the possible aim of publishing something in English and/or Hungarian. He aims to help people  find what Sir Ken Robinson called the ‘element’: the thing they love doing most, the thing that fulfills them.

He uses emotional intelligence techniques in his teaching and mentoring process, making it easier to master difficult topics and tune-in to what is most essential. He offers ‘assistance sessions’ to those with Asperger’s syndrome and learning difficulties (‘special needs’) to help them unlock their talents. Such assistance sessions can also be given for parents or adults.

-Dr.Peter Tiber 

Lawyer, mediator, master trainer in mediation.

Peter has many years of experience in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, both in organisations and with family issues. He works in large groups aswell as with couples  or in one-to-one sessions. His field of experience includes marital crisis, divorce, and patchwork families.

He has run a successful mediation training in Budapest for many years.

-Klara Köles

Klara is a workshop leader. She gives group sessions in family constellations and workshops about relationships and partnership.

-Gábor Veres