The Silent Minute – Cooperation for Peace

The Centre of Emotional Intelligence and Practical Wisdom is dedicated to the united cooperation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill around the world.

This very practical vision was first initiated by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole who believed that there is no power on earth that is greater than spiritual cooperation.  (See link to Wikipedia where Tudor Pole is quoted: Tudor Pole)

Tudor-Pole’s idea became reality during the second world war when he ‘received’ an ‘inner request’ form a high spiritual source that there should be a silent minute of prayer for freedom and peace. See link: freedom and peace.

He approached the King and Prime Minister (Winston Churchill) with this ‘request’ winning  both their support.

In 1940, during the Blitz,  millions around the world devoted one minute of prayer for inner and outer peace at 9 o’clock (at the striking of Big Ben).

Since this dedicated minute of meditation received the direct support of King George VI, Sir Winston Churchill and his Parliamentary Cabinet as well as that of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it was observed on land and at sea on the battlefields, in air raid shelters and in hospitals. With Churchill’s support, the BBC, on Sunday, November 10, 1940, began to play the bells of Big Ben on the radio as a signal for the Silent Minute to begin.

A short story emphasizes the power of the group prayer of the Silent Minute. In 1945 a British intelligence officer was interrogating a high Nazi official. He asked him why he believed the Germans lost the war. His reply was, “During the war, you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter measure, which we did not understand, but it was very powerful. It was associated with the striking of the Big Ben each evening. I believe you called it the ‘Silent Minute.’ [3]

The Silent Minute Prayer.

“Source of my being

Help me to live in peace and

Save my home the planet Earth.”

Almost 125 000 000 people already say this special verse, helping to “enlighten” the whole planet. Link: Supporters of Silent Minute